Wednesday, January 25, 2006

...First Impressions are Something

I suppose having the first post of this blog be about how much the blog will suck and how it isn't worth your time wasn't the greatest way to introduce myself. Now that I've added getting-rich-a-tenth-of-cent-at-a-time advertising and an obscene amount of blue to the page, I feel I should make at least some effort to attract an audience.

A common theme among blogs and websites that are successful is that they have a point, a purpose. They focus on an area or provide a service that's unique and interesting and gives the audience a reason to keep visiting when they're supposed to be working. I've decided to completely ignore that.

See, I went and reviewed all the things I could possibly write about, and pondered what interested me the most. They say to write about what you enjoy most, don't they? I have discovered what this is, and I think I'll be pleased.

I'm writing about myself. The whole blog will be about things I think and do and the views I have on things that happen to me. I realize this is a radical departure from your standard blog, and that often the genius of innovators isn't realized until after they're dead, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice. I dream of days when blogs are centered around themselves and unconcerned with the importance of anything they're posting; that's when I'll know I've made a difference in the world.


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