Thursday, February 02, 2006

...Three Things Thursday has Arrived!

Here at the I Says blog, the founding member has been considering running a weekly feature. Something to keep the (2) people reading coming back more then once maybe. Something that was alliterative, because having things that start with other letters is stupid. From this comes the genesis of Three Things Thursday. In the future it may come on Tuesday, or not at all, but frankly you won't care either way.

This was going to be Ten Things Thursday at first, but somebody

Oh hell naw!

was feeling litigious. Without further babbling, The Three Things Thursday Theme Today:

The First Three Things I Thought on the First Thursday
  1. A tonload of people are going to be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, but the cool people are only watching it for the commercials. The really cool people are watching it in order to better formulate insults about the intelligence of the previous two groups. Those really cool people will then be hit by a bus, and will totally get how ironic that is.
  2. I don't understand how crack is illegal, but Civilization 4 is freely distributed in stores worldwide. The game has a damn alarm built in to remind you to go to sleep. Otherwise you end up playing it until the sun comes up and goes back down again. Civilization may actually become the downfall of civilization.
  3. I'm taking wagers on how long this feature lasts, unless that's illegal in which case I'm not taking wagers on how long this feature lasts. Which means I still am, but now I just have plausible deniability if the Feds come knocking. I'm just kidding websurfing law enforcement officer, (no, I'm not) these odds are for entertainment purposes only! (they aren't, -130 for less then 1 week, +120 for 2 weeks or more) It's a joke! (It isn't) Seriously! (Liar)


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