Monday, February 06, 2006

...The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog!

So if you've been following the blog for months and months and -- well I guess there's only two months, you may notice a change in the blog's name. The blog used to contain my actual name, which was fairly unique, and I was feeling hamstrung by the possibility that if I posted something that was potentially controversial or risqué, months or years from now a friend or job interviewer could potentially type my name into Google and come across it and get the wrong idea. Those close to me and those with a mean internet detective streak will probably be able to put the pieces together easily, but hopefully this prevents me from being too easily googlable by the public at large.

I originally was going to make this a more personal blog, to keep people in my life informed with what goes on with me, so I didn't care if people came across it. However I discovered that I'm pretty much as bored with myself as everyone else seems to be, and that I really don't enjoy talking about my personal life. That's probably why I haven't even made a post about my personal life yet, despite supposedly being the reason I created it. For the most part I don't particularly care what I did and who I met today, and I don't think you will mind if I spare the mind numbing details. That's why this blog has been more broad (advocate's word) or pointless (critic's word) then your average personal blog, my heart was never set on the original plan.

Plus, I'd like to have the option of lying about things in my life and not dealing with any of the consequences. I may do the more personal site later on, but it won't be referenced here, and will probably be only half as awesome.

Oh, and if you don't know my name now, you will never (never never) know it. (No you won't! No, no you won't!)

I know I should be above altering songs from the 80's to taunt my supposed audience, and yet...I'm not, apparently.


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