Thursday, February 16, 2006

TTT Can Be Depressing

TTT (aka Three Things Thursday. I'm going to have to explain that until everyone on the Internet has seen the site. Like Rachael Ray and her EVOO thing) has arrived, without any doubt, despite my weeks absence. That's mostly because it's hard to have doubters when you don't have readers. Anyway, today's theme:

Three Things That Sucked in the Past Week
  1. I had a car accident - Don't worry, I'm okay. I'm not great obviously, because for some reason my definition of great doesn't include having a car accident, but given all the things that could have happened instead I'm coming up roses. I'm going to do a longer post about this some month, but a list of sucktitude wouldn't be complete without it.
  2. Winter Olympics ratings - I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for the Olympics. I like watching the ultimate moments of sports that I just barely know the rules to. However the 2002 Salt Lake and 2000 Sydney games were a low point for NBC's TV coverage. Twenty minute long human interest pieces followed by taped qualifying heats with an American, any American, instead of lower profile events that actually look interesting. Starting with the 2004 Athens games however, their coverage became less amero-centric (they actually played the anthems of other countries, something they completely avoided if possible in the previous games), cut down the human interest pieces to a reasonable amount and length, and added more coverage of smaller events, especially in their afternoon and cable shows. The Tourinino Games continued this, adding HiDef coverage with that. I'm scared that the low ratings will tempt NBC to go back to the old style of incredibly annoying coverage instead of continuing to improve.
  3. All the blogs that updated in the past week - Sure, any blog's crappiness diminishes my blog, because I am involved in blogkind, but yeesh. Valentine's week is not a good week for blogdom, it gets a little angsty. It's a good thing the Olympics are on, otherwise I'd have no excuse and would be down in the muck with everyone else.


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