Thursday, February 23, 2006

TTT Rocks the Mic Like a Vandal

You got a problem? Yo, I'll solve it. With an all new, all on time Three Things Thursday of course. For those of you who are new to this feature, Three Things Thursday is actually a service for my readers. Frankly, most of you can't be trusted to form your own valid opinions. Here I tell you what to think, so that you don't embarass yourself out there in the real world. This week, I tell you what to think about the Olympics:

Three things to like about the Turin Olympics
  1. Italy - I seem to be an italiaphile, meaning I tend to like all things Italian (not “tend to have sex with all things Italian” you sicko). I see all the gorgeous vistas and buildings they show on TV between events and commercial breaks, and compare it to the parking garage I can see out of my window and a little piece of me dies. Not to mention that Turin is considered the “Detroit of Italy”; this is supposedly the ugly side. I’m sure it has been all tarted up for the Olympics, but it fuels my desire to go there like, right now.
  2. Cross Country Skiing - Not the most telegenic of sports, but it can certainly be fun. There have been some ridiculously close races for medals so far, people skiing miles and miles only to have a home plate slide to the finish line decide their fate, its exciting stuff. I appreciate the sheer holycrapthatwasfast! essence of sports like downhill skiing and luge, but there’s something to be said about the winter’s marathon as well.
  3. High m'f'n Def! - Have I mentioned that the Olympics are in High Definition, and that I am watching them in said High Definition? Because I am. And it is Beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the giant wad of cash I had to pay in order to do so. It is worth it though, you need the ultimate in image fidelity in order to pick out people in the background picking their noses.


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...Bring back the elipsi!

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